STEPHANIE GREER works with Tmesis Theatre

We are thrilled to see Stephanie working with fantastic physical theatre company Tmesis on their new show SEALSKIN – Opening at Liverpool Everyman at the end of June

LAWRENCE HARP in The Worst Princess

Lawrence has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the creative process for this fabulous children’s show with Full House Theatre – The Worst Princess – and excited to be touring the show from this weekend!

JAMES ALDRED shoots new commercial

James is delighted to be shooting this fun new commercial this week


We are thrilled to see such a range of fabulous reviews of Laura’s work on imitating the dog’s Macbeth :

“The real drivers of this story are the three ‘weird sisters’ played by Laura Atherton, Stefan Chanyaem and Matt Prendergast, who provide a masterclass in characterisation.”

“Laura Atherton, Stefan Chanyaem and Matt Prendergast cope terrifically with multi-tasking roles as the witches – instantly characterising parts, manoeuvring and focussing cameras, offering a link between Shakespeare’s world and our own, even to the extent of laughing at self-serving lies.”

“As the three witches – the weird sisters whose prophecies of power and riches set Macbeth on the road to destruction – Laura Atherton, Stefan Chanyaem and Matt Prendergast never stop. Working around Benjamin Westerby’s Macbeth and Maia Tamrakar’s Lady Macbeth, they are the storytellers, the camera operators, and every character in between.”

Neon noir thriller is Macbeth retold for the 21st

“Laura Atherton, Stefan Chanyaem and Matt Prendergast morphed effortlessly from portraying the three witches, narrating the story, into all the other characters. Tricksters who revelled in the chaos they created, and sent shivers down your spine as you watched them at work.”

Nothing Is But What Is Not – A New Version Of

RACHEL WATERS shoots Dobbie’s commercial

SARA MASRY working with Bézná Theatre

SARA is delighted to be working with BÉZNÁ Theatre on the development of new show SAFAR.

MICK LIVERSIDGE plays Grandpa Potts

MICK plays Grandpa Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Grand Opera House, York to great acclaim!

“Throughout, Mick Liversidge’s potty, old-school, restlessly energetic Grandpa Potts maximises his humorous interjections aplenty.” Charleshutchpress

ELEANOR BURKE tours in Mother Goose

ELEANOR is busy terrifying audiences once again as Demonic Dominic on tour in Mother Goose!

SARA MASRY as Young Umm Kulthum

We are delighted to see SARA MASRY playing the title role Young Umm Kulthum in Umm Kulthum & The Golden Era, touring to Saudi Arabia this Spring.

LUKE MARTIN in romantic new Commercial

We are delighted to see the lovely Luke Martin star with a great look in this filmic new commercial for Sprye Finance Ireland